Robyn Wright

Finding a void in the healthy, reliable cooking and baking mix market, Robyn Wright brought life to a little company called KalyANa Organics in 2013. KalyANa’s unrefined sugar and gluten-free mixes were primarily made with nutrient-dense almond and coconut flours and landed right in the newly expanding gluten-free food world. One year later, a judging panel of professional chefs and industry writers honored Robyn with Wisconsin’s Hottest Kitchen Entrepreneur Award for her new creations.

With KalyANa expanding into small organic grocery stores in several states, as well as opening a retail and wholesale bakery arm of the company, many new doors were opening for Robyn. Additional recipe development, private chef work, increased demands for her diverse menu of cooking classes, and special events catering filled her life. Meaningful relationships made with fans, committed farmers, health practitioners, and culinary allies in the organic, real food space fueled the fire.

After selling KalyANa in 2017, Robyn turned her attention to reflection and cookbook writing. While traveling to grow her business, she was consistently asked if she was “local.” At first she apologetically answered she was not. Then one day while standing behind a demo table in Vermont, she realized that while the geography of the “local” movement might be true, there was a much more expansive, quantum aspect to the concept. Her deep belief in the connectedness of humanity and all of life led her to an epiphany of sorts.

With this epiphany in mind, Robyn shares a sampling of the many recipes she developed or re-imagined throughout her life and private chef work in her new cookbook: Everywhere is Local.